100% Laboratory Grade Pure Silicone
8 mm Diameter
Ultra Flexible Boots (also 100% Silicone)
Japanese Engineering
Lock In Connection
Custom Molded Boots

Silicone Insulation

Pure silicone rubber is used in both the wires and boots, witha minimum rating of 100,000 volts in all areas. This optimum insulation provides excellent resistance against acids, grease, oil, and other damaging chemicals commonly found on and around engines. Also, a braided fiber-glass cord embedded in the insulation surrounds the zinc-coated, stranded copper wire to increase its tensile strength.

Excellent Temperature and Moisture Exclusion

Ultra wires and boots are designed to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -60 degrees F to +480 degrees F over an exceptionally long lifetime. Ordinary plug wires begin to deteriorate from engine eompartment heat in as little as six months! The Ultra wire boots seal tightly at all connection points -- spark plugs, distributor cap, ignition coil, and wires themselves to positively exclude moisture.

Superior Noise Suppression

While other manufacturers use "carbon string" resistance wire to suppress ignition noise, Ultra ignition wires have a resistor sealed in the plug connection to greatly reduce ignition noise. The zinc-coated, stranded copper wire eliminates wire resistance with age -- common to carbon string resistance wire. Therfore, the life expectancy of Ultra wires is estimated at five times that of carbon string wires.

These excellent 8mm silicone jacketed wires are assembled by Racing Beat. The resistor wire design incorporates metal-covered wire, with a sealed wire-wound resistor at the end of each wire. For maximum radio suppression, early sets are also available with metal spark plug shields.

Superior Noise Suppression

On a dyno, the wires actually provided horsepower increase. In addition, the acceleration and engine response was crisper than the other wires." ULTRA 8mm Red Hot Ignition Wire Sets utilize silicone rubber for both the 8mm wire insulation and boots, with a minimum rating of 100,000 volts in all areas. The silicone rubber is designed to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -60 degrees F to +480 degrees F. Brass "screw-together" connectors are double-crimped onto the zinc-clad, stranded copper wire ends to provide absolute contact with no possibility of deterioration. The silicone boots seal watertight at the spark plugs and ignition coil for added protection. A unique design feature seals a wire wound resistor inside the spark plug terminal to optimize noise suppression and power.

NOTE: Some aftermarket "performance" spark plugs have proven to be unacceptable in terms of manufacturing quality; specifically, these plugs develop compression leaks between the porcelain and steel subcomponents causing both premature spark plug boot failure and genuine horsepower losses. For this reason, we strongly encourage the use of the factory recommended spark plugs only.


Rover Connection Exclusive Offer!

Ultra Spark Plug Wires will improve both the torque and smoothness of your Discovery, giving you back much of the power and performance you lost when you had the bigger tires installed.

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RCULT3942 $499
Discovery 3.9 (94~95)
Range Rover Classic (87~95)
Defender (94~95)

RCULT4046 $499
Discovery 4.0 (96~99)
Range Rover 4.0/4.6 (95~99)
Defender (97)