Alternator for Range Rover Classic (87~92)

STC1753A Range Rover Classic (87~92):
factory 80 amp: not available
STC1753 105 amp $170 Brand NEW (no core charge required, 2 year warranty)
STC1753A 140 amp $220 Brand NEW (no core charge required, 2 year warranty)
custom built, special offer by Rover Connection
Our alterntors were featured in "Land Rover Owners International" magazine in Januray 2006

Alternator for Range Rover Classic (93~94)

YLE10100W Brand NEW, aftermarket 100 amp (no core charge required)
STC1753K1 Brand NEW 105 amp with a conversion kit
STC1753K2 Brand NEW 140 amp with a conversion kit


Featured in "Land Rover Owners International" magazine in Januray 2006

"Land Rover Owners International" magazine in Januray 2006, Page 120

140 Amp High Output Alternator shown in the magazine







How to covert a 93-94 Range Rover Classic into using the Custom Built 105/140AMP Rover Connection Alternator for 87-92 RRCs

One of preferred customers (Frank T. Sands) was able to intall the 140A alternator to his 1994 Range Rover with some modifications. He documented how he did and would like to share his experiences and information. We appreciate his efforts and contribution to our Range Rover Classic society.

Tools Needed:

10MM 3/8 Socket
2 13MM 3/8 Socket
2 3/8 Socket Wrenches
13MM Open End Wrench
Wire Cutters

Parts Needed:

Alternator 87-92 RRC (STC1753)
Alternator Belt For 87-92 RRC (ERR2073)
Power Steering Pump Pulley for 87-92 RRC (ETC6408)
2 Male Wire Connectors
2 Female Wire Connectors

STC1753K Conversion Kit (pully & belt) $75
STC1753K1 105A alternator with conversion kit $245
STC1753K2 140A alternator with conversion kit $295

87~92 RR Pulley & Belt

87~92 RR Pulley

93~94 RR Pulley

93~94 RR Belt
I started by disconnecting the battery, and the 3 electrical wires going to the alternator. I then removed the MAF and air cleaner so I had more room to access the alternator. After that I loosened the alternator belt and cut it off since I wouldn't be using it again. Make sure to get the adjusting bar out of the way as well. The next step was to remove the power steering pump pulley. I was able to get the 3 nuts holding the pulley loose by using two 13MM sockets and two socket wrenches. I got the pulley off without having to loosen the power steering belt at all. Then remove the lower 13MM bolt securing the alternator to the lower mount and remove it.
Before installing the new pulley make sure to use your original spacer if your new pulley didn't come with one. The spacer off my 94RRC was the same as the spacer off of an 87-92RRC. Then I simply slid the power steering belt over the new 87-92 RRC pulley and got it lined up with the 3 studs and after a little work I got it to slide right on.
Now to install the new alternator I tapped the rear spacer out so the inside edge of the rear mount was flush. To get the alignment dead on I had to use one washer between the alternator and the front of the alternator mount. Your RRC my be slightly different so you might need to install it first and mess around with it in order to get it lined up properly. Install the lower 13MM bolt and don't tighten it yet.
Install your new 87-92 alternator belt and adjust it. Tighten all alternator mounting bolts including the lower bolt. Secure the main cable to the alternator using a 10MM socket. Then cut and strip the brown and white wires and install the new wire connectors. Connect the brown wire from the main harness (Battery Light) to the brown wire coming from the alternator. Now do the same for the white wire coming from the main harness (Tach) and connect it to the grey wire coming from the alternator. Re-install your MAF and air cleaner and reconnect the battery and you're done.

YLE10100A Brand New, Land Rover OEM