Part Number: see description Price: see description Land Rover Genuine

Description: Water Proof Seat Covers

Covers to protect all seats are made machine washable and have waterproof and fire retardant coatings. Supplied in a zipped stowage bag.

STC8175AC Front Pair, Beige, Manual Seats (discontinued: no longer available)
STC8948AA Front Pair, Beige, Power Seats (discontinued: no longer available)
STC8176AA Rear Set, Beige (discontinued: no longer available)
STC8177AA Jump Seats, Beige $

STC8170AC Front & Rear Set, Gray, Manual Seats $
STC8944AA Front & Rear Set, Gray, Power Seats $
STC8171AC Front Pair, Gray, Manual Seats $ (as shown)
STC8945AA Front Pair, Gray, Power Seats $
STC8173AA Jump Seats, Gray $

*gray rear seat covers are not available separately.