Part Number: see description Land Rover Genuine

Description: Inward Facing Jump Seats

Supplied complete with lap safety belt, the seat is trimmed in matching materials, and retracts easily when not in use.

STC8801SUD Cloth, Bahama beige, LH (95 MY) (no longer available)
STC8802SUD Cloth, Bahama beige, RH (95 MY) (no longer available)
STC7580SUC Cloth, Bahama beige, LH (96 MY and on) (no longer available)
STC7579SUC Cloth, Bahama beige, RH (96 MY and on) $
STC7675SUC Leather, Beige, LH (no longer available)
STC7674SUC Leather, Beige, RH (no longer available)
STC3958 Leather, Beige, Kit* (all years) (no longer available)
STC4022 Leather, Lightstone, Kit* (for lightstone interior)
MXC8295SUC Handle, "E" post, beige $
STC8495SUC Handle, Rear Door Pull, Bahama Beige $
STC7578LOY Cloth, Granite grey, LH (96 MY and on) $
STC7577LOY Cloth, Granite grey, RH (96 MYand on) $
STC7603LOY Leather, Grainte grey, LH $
STC7604LOY Leather, Granite Grey, RH $
MXC8295LOY Handle, "E" post, grey $
STC8495LOY Handle, Rear Door Pull, Granite Grey $
*kit includes pair of seats, rear door pull handle

Got used jump seats but no hardware? No problem